IronFit Whey Protein 5lb

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IronFit Supps 100% Whey Protein is the ideal muscle food to supply essential amino acids to fuel muscle growth and help you recover faster and stronger. 100% Whey provides the highest bioavailable form of protein that absorbs quickly to speed recovery as well as fill added protein needs in between meals with best in class milkshake taste! You give 100% so get 100% muscle building & recovery support from IronFit Supps 100% Whey Protein to ensure what you put inside creates the best results outside.



Not all whey proteins are created the same. IronFit Supps 100% Whey Protein is made with a triple filtered cross-flow micro filtration process that prevents the protein structure from becoming denatured, allowing the native amino acid profile and protein factions to be maintained while removing excess impurities. 100% Whey has 25 grams of protein with 6 grams of BCAAs included per serving making it the perfect choice to boost muscle building, performance and recovery.